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At abc, we love to dwell in living rooms curated with storied objects and handmade vintage rugs, but what makes one choose vintage over something new? 

Vintage rugs are making a comeback, and for good reason — they stand the test of time. Our special collection of vintage Turkish kilim rugs, handpicked and cultivated over several years by partners in Turkey, are prime persuaders of how desirable and dreamy vintage rugs can be.

heirloom wisdom

An heirloom is something that gets passed down through generations. But, not everything that is old has value. An heirloom is treasured because they possess inherent quality, and they become beloved over time for the delightful ways in which that quality matures. Much like the saving seeds of a vegetable preserved by a gardener —  the burnt umber of an heirloom tomato!

One can try very hard to reproduce an heirloom, and the objects that spring from such endeavors are creative in their own way, but ingrained within these vintage Turkish kilims is the coveted look of the lived-in — mythology that speaks in patterned color.

weaving as a language

Cultivated over several years, this rare collection of vintage Turkish kilims was woven during the early 20th century in the ancient dwellings of Konya and Malatya by nomadic Anatolian communities. A collection such as ours took years to put together, as each rug is a gem of a find. Together, they represent a language of a people's past, treasured and preserved.

Passed down from one generation of weavers to the next, weaving techniques can be understood as languages — a tool of expression. Handmade by way of a slit weave technique, this collection produces bold, sharp patterns that carve space for creative expression within the weavers. Within each vintage kilim exists a world of motifs codified with storied wisdom. 

home as earth

Quality is something you can instantaneously sense. These vintage kilims are 100% organic. Not for the sake of the buzzword but, rather, the old-school way. These weaving communities were nomadic, moving from one place to the next on their own time. Home was the nature that surrounded them. 

Handwoven with the wool collected and spun from their own flocks, these kilims are naturally dyed with vegetation from different parts of roots, bark, leaves, berries and wildflowers — eucalyptus, madder red, indigo & iris —  all are sustainably sourced from vegetable waste so that the living plant itself is left undamaged. The natural colorwork is faded by time into dreamy earth-tones that provide a sense of warmth and soul that can only come from something cultured.

from the ground up

Whether you are a collector, lover of all things vintage, or just need an object to ground you, these vintage kilim rugs will continue to show up and do the work. They got this far, didn't they?