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At abc, we believe that your surroundings have a major impact on the way you feel. After all, your home is the space that greets you in the morning. It’s the safe space that holds you, to which you can always return. Sometimes, it can be easy to get caught in your ways and then, your space might start to feel stale. But even a single piece or a small decorative touch makes all the difference in brightening a room, and consequently your mood. If you’re ready to refresh your space without the commitment of a major makeover, we’re revealing a few ways to inspire a new outlook by sprucing things up with intention.

1. Go for pillows and throws that draw from the beauty of nature.

Choosing throws and decorative pillows made to reflect the beauty of the earth evokes the wonderful feeling of nature in your space. Rather than thinking of them as mere accessories for your interior, consider how pillows and throws add a layered richness to the landscape of your home. Natural fibers like mohair or linen hold a cozy, organic texture that summons a sense of deep comfort. Pillows and throws featuring color palettes pulled from nature — sunsets, strata, seawater — help to create a space that inherently calms and grounds you.

2. Find wall art to uplift and inspire you.

Adding art to your walls is one of the quickest ways to bring a room to life and help it feel more like a unique reflection of you. A single frame has the power to make a space feel homier and more personal. Some of our most-loved pieces of art are ones that infuse your space with stunning color. Color casts a transformative magic over our mood and energy, so it’s wise to look for art in hues that speak specifically to you and how you’d like to feel. For instance, artwork in shades of blue bring serenity, while pieces that display bright tones of yellow and pink energize and spark joy.


3. Make meaning in the chaos by getting the small stuff organized with trays.

Areas of clutter can generate subtle stress or a feeling of being overwhelmed. Luckily, the simple use of a tray makes for an efficient and beautiful way to keep small objects organized. Trays instantly create an intentional collection worthy of display, from coasters or magazines to jewelry and candles. They also come in a variety of materials to suit your style and way of living, from durable jute to charming ceramic.

4. Cover new ground.

Laying down a new rug is the surest and quickest way to truly transform any interior, introducing color, textures, and pattern for a huge impact on the way you experience your space. The right one can anchor a busy room, soften a modern home, or visually enlarge a smaller space. But perhaps more importantly, rugs are one of the most ancient forms of art in the world. They are a physical embodiment of centuries-old tradition, connecting to far-flung cultures and global history in myriad ways. Placing a handwoven rug in your home pays respect to the skill of hand-craftsmanship and the rich wisdom in artisanal traditions.

5. Create a new ambiance with eco-conscious lighting.

Lighting is known to have a strong influence on your mood and energy, even affecting your appetite and attention span. It sets the ambiance of your home, especially in the evening, when the gentle glow of lamps replaces the sunlight. LED technology offers a smart, energy-efficient alternative to incandescent fixtures — they use much less energy, last significantly longer, and emit a spectrum of cool or warm light for planet friendly lighting that you can feel good about from the inside out. You can even replace the bulbs of your existing lighting fixtures with LED bulbs for a quick, eco-conscious update!