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Love the Design, Choose your Size.

Have you ever found yourself lost in a maze of eccentric one-of-a-kinds rugs? At abc, of course we have! Or, discovered your dream carpet just to realize it's a couple feet too wide? Us too!

Choosing a one-of-a-kind rug can be intimidating — even for most trained eyes. In the name of balancing out our one-of-a-kind collections, we collaborated with select vendors to curate hundreds of online-exclusive handmade rugs available in multiples and a wide range of sizes, colorways, and styles. 

This means that you can order more than one of the same rug for different rooms, in different sizes — or the same size!

Using the indelible abc eye, we distilled a unique selection of neutral, abstract, traditional, and transitional rugs — all handmade in India with intention and care — to form a trustworthy cornerstone of new rugs to choose from. Our collection of Essential rugs will offer a simple, elegant foundation so you have the space for continuity when building your dream home.

Neutral Rugs

Our Neutral Essential rugs are an effortless point of departure. Whether you are in the mode of crafting a new home or seek to freshen up a room, the soft and subtle hues will quietly provide a calming canvas to unite the surrounding objects in your space. Handmade from mixed fibers, natural striations, and nuanced textures are sculpted from within these Essential rugs, putting forth the elegance of simplicity.

Abstract Rugs

Our Abstract Essential rugs are for the dreamers — they run deep. Styled with strong sleek designs, these handmade rugs are voiced in deep blues and calming grays. Animated by movements of the sun, their woven details dance and shapeshift in the light. Handmade from wool and plant fibers, these tried and true pieces will both soothe and invigorate modern interiors.

Transitional Rugs

Our Transitional Essential rugs are tailor-made for the abc enthusiasts who adore the lofty aesthetic of sun faded and washed carpets. Holding in high respect the meaning of motifs, artisans in India have reimagined vintage patterns with reductive sun fades, enzymes washes and shearing. These transitional rugs are the answer for the lovers of fluidity — those who want to fuse the meaning of motifs with the sleek world of modern design.

We will continue to cultivate our Essentials collection by handpicking the crème de la crème from our trusted vendors, leaving you with room to style your dream carpet your way.