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After more than one hundred years of sourcing rugs from all corners of the globe, our library of extra-large rugs is the most extensive in the world. More space means more opportunity, and our diverse collection of oversized rugs can match any design moment. 

Vast in range and style, our oversize rug assortment is plentiful — luminous bedroom rugs woven from upcycled sari silk to cozy Berber style Moroccan rugs, and even spectacular sizes of rugs just as well suited for grand palaces of India and the decadent museums of Florence.

Because our selection runs deep, we curated our favorite oversized rugs for you to peruse. If you end up falling in love with a rug that has too much to give, we can custom tailor them down to the perfect size for your space. It's time to take charge of that large room and bring new energy into the fold vis-à-vis a new rug! 


Distressed Oversized Rugs

Artisans in Pakistan translate the best of the antique Persian and Turkish rug designs into modern displays of muted color. Each rug lives its own truth and individually goes through abc-exclusive processes of sun-fading, washing, shearing. Some, if they are lucky, are drenched in color. The result is a one-of-a-kind modern rendition of a vintage-style rug, where motif marries the distressed aesthetic we all know and love. We've picked our five favorites, but there are over 40 of these on-trend rugs in varied sizes and colors, each perfectly distressed and waiting to be laid in a palatial room.

Colorful Silk Oversized Rugs

Oversized rugs have the privilege of dimension, and color loves to breathe. We hand-picked our favorite colorful oversized rugs from our beloved collections Alchemy, Ethos, and Strata that are all handwoven in India from recycled soft sari silk animated by iridescence. These oversized rugs are for the lovers of our earth who would prefer their spaces to speak in color.

Traditional Oversized Rugs

Traditional rugs contain a breadth of design knowledge, from the visual mythologies of Persia and Turkey to the bold and storied curvilinear designs of Agra, India. With room to breathe and surrounded by cultivated objects, the details of these oversized rugs will come alive in their form, and their storied wisdom will surely seep into the spaces they inhabit. 

Overdyed Oversized Rugs

An abc home best-seller, overdyed rugs are infamous for their fearless color. Drenched in dyebaths and transformed anew, these colorful oversized rugs have unlimited design potential. Aquatic blues, punch pinks, and dreamy pigments of blush reform the details of the original design, which peek out from the color in the most compelling of ways. Modern artisanship meets handwoven design. 

Dive deeper!

There are hundreds more oversized rugs waiting to be discovered within the piles of our modern rug emporium. Come visit us on the third floor of our 888 Broadway store with your favorite picks, or bring only a dream and rest assured, we'll find your match. If you’re not local, send us a message using our chat function and one of our experts will get back to you shortly!