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Your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep ... It’s a sacred space to plant seeds for dreams to grow, it’s a space for rest, and for intimacy. 

What kind of space do you want to cultivate in your personal sleep sanctuary?

Curating a wonderland for rest and renewal is a deeply personal process. It’s not merely a matter of obtaining bedroom furniture… it couldn’t be. Rather, we believe that creating a space is an ongoing process of discovery as you find pieces that help foster a sense of safety and retreat, as well as objects that reflect your tastes, your values, and your story.


abc carpet & home is the perfect place to begin exploring the bedroom of your dreams. Our eclectic collections offer a mix of textures, aesthetics, and tactile qualities that allow you to curate a space that’s uniquely suited to you. 

Top Picks From Our Modern Bedroom Furniture Collections

Is modern bedroom furniture more about an aesthetic style... or a state of mind? Perhaps a little bit of both.

To some, the idea of modern bedroom furniture means sleek, minimal lines, and simple design. 

At abc carpet & home, we encourage you to break free from any single “aesthetic” and instead follow what you feel drawn to. Our approach to modern bedroom furniture is more about a sense of experimentation and creativity. For example, we often pair vintage rugs and modern furniture together, for a timeless, interesting, and rule-breaking juxtaposition.

Another modern approach might involve combining a simple, clean headboard design with eye-catching custom upholstery, and perhaps some vintage textiles used as curtains. 

Or it might involve giving timeless, classic bedroom pieces a new context by combining them with a colorful, abstract area rug. 

The sky’s the limit — our only rule is staying true to what feels nurturing and natural to you. Here are some selections from our sustainable modern bedroom collection to inspire you. 

Drifting off to Sleep: Top Modern Beds

Your bed is your personal cocoon — and the centerpiece of your sleep sanctuary. Where will you feel most at-home and relaxed?

Perhaps you’re looking for a bed that combines modern simplicity with cozy comfort — the Tufted King Bed from our Cobble Hill collection is a perfect example. This unique piece is handcrafted from a sustainable wood frame. Its clean, simple lines are pure visual elegance. Yet despite its modern edge, this bed still has plenty of warmth. 

While we don’t offer bespoke furniture, our customizable upholstery options in our Abstrakt collection allow you to create the sleep setting of your dreams. For example, cotton velvet upholstery gives the bed a comfortable, familiar, and absolutely timeless feel… If you don’t see what you want online, it’s worth noting that additional fabric, color, and size options are available in-store. Feel free to message our sales staff with any specific questions.

Check out our top modern beds here.

Rest Easy with These Headboards

One way to personalize the home base of your bedroom is by selecting a beautiful headboard. abc carpet & home’s Abstrakt collection boasts a variety of inspiring headboard options that marry sustainability, a modern look, and a comfortable in-bed feel.

Headboards like the Ellis, Issa, and Lawrence can be customized in a variety of ways. Each of these headboard options offers an example of how one simple design can go in infinite directions based on your personal style. 

The Ellis, Issa, and Lawrence headboards all feature simple, clean lines. However, you always have the opportunity to select upholstery that will tailor the piece to your liking.

Ranging from clean white to warm velvet to upholstery choices, abstract patterns and organic Balinese-inspired batik motifs, the options available allow you to design a backdrop for dreaming that reflects you.

Check out the Abstrakt collection here

Top Modern Chests and Dressers

Your bedroom is a container for sleep and self-nurturing … The last thing you want is to be surrounded by unsightly clutter. 

abc carpet & home’s unique and hand built collection of chests and dressers allows you to nestle clothing and other items in their own beautiful spaces. You can rest assured that your personal treasures are safely out of sight and won’t break your bedroom’s sense of calm. 

For example, consider the Gallerist Royale Mirrored Chest. Its silver mirrored drawers add luminous depth to any room while simultaneously reflecting any chosen aesthetic. It’s a statement piece that manages to hide in plain sight.

Hand-built by skilled makers near the city of Montreal, the Gallerist collection features recyclable materials. The pieces are finished with eco-friendly, lead-free paints.

abc carpet & home takes pride in offering artisanal furniture, so pieces like this may come and go. While our selection is never exactly the same, you’ll always find something unique and timeless among our offerings. 

Check out our chest and dresser collection here.

Top Modern Nightstands

To quote one of our favorite Shakespearean plays: “To sleep, perchance to dream!” A nightstand is another necessary element for storing your dream journal, reading lamp, glasses, and any other essentials. 

But it’s not necessary to settle for a boring block beside your bed. Our collection of modern nightstands proves that it’s possible to combine form and function. As with our collection of dressers and chests, abc carpet & home’s nightstand collection is extremely limited, artisanal, and ever-rotating.

But there’s always a treasure to be found, like the understated and elegant Core Dark Oak Nightstand. This abc exclusive is handcrafted from seared oak, which is highlighted by bronze legs and hardware. A generous drawer provides ample space for storing essentials. 

Check out our curated collection of nightstands here.

Dream a Little Dream…

Your bedroom is a place to dream, to rest, and be your authentic self. What you choose to surround yourself with can make all the difference in creating a dream space that feels good to you.

At abc carpet & home, our modern bedroom furniture collection offers you a beautiful variety of pieces that can help you cultivate a space that helps you feel rested and renewed. Featuring a beautiful mix of modern elements with warm touches like customizable upholstery, our eclectic collection offers all the ingredients you need to create a splendid and restorative sleep sanctuary.

We welcome you to browse our offerings and discover pieces that inspire you to dream!