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During the pandemic of 2020, the role of our homes in our lives changed forever.

2020 was frustrating in many ways — but it also provided a powerful opportunity to consider the significance and impact of one’s home surroundings. 

It prompted many people to begin editing their surroundings to create a space that truly makes them feel at home. 

Where better to start than the living room? It’s the hub of many homes, and the space where people do the most actual living

At abc carpet & home, we believe that living room furniture goes way beyond a series of seating and surface areas. Rather, it’s a loving collection of pieces that compose one of the most important spaces in the home. 

If your home was your autobiography, what kind of surroundings make you feel most comfortable, vibrant, and alive? 

Our Approach to Living Room Furniture

At abc carpet & home, we like to approach living room furniture a little differently. 

Rather than being bound to a specific aesthetic, we prefer a more curious and intuitive approach. It all starts with a question: What kind of pieces make you feel inspired and at-home? 

Maybe modern living room furniture featuring clean, simple lines makes you feel refreshed, creative, and clear in mind and body, ready for the day. 

Or perhaps you feel your best when surrounded by a cozy collection of vintage living room furniture featuring a variety of different textures and colors. 

If you’ve come to abc, chances are you’re drawn to a mix of both. That’s why our collections feature a variety of design influences and philosophies. Our signature style of decorating is quite like a collage: finding influences from different sources and piecing them together for a look that’s unexpected, elevated, and different from the rest.

Every one of our products tells a story. What story do you want your space to tell? 

Regardless of what pieces speak to the home narrative of your choosing, there are some things that remain consistent in our collections — such as our commitment to sustainability.

Nearly 100% of furniture at abc carpet & home falls under  “goodwood”— meaning our products utilize wood from responsibly managed forests or reclaimed and salvaged sources. This helps protect old-growth and endangered forest species while promoting transparency within the supply chain. 

We’ve earned a nearly-perfect score for sustainability in the furnishings industry by both the National Wildlife Federation and Sustainable Furnishings Council. 

That means you can feel good about shopping with us, knowing that we are vetting our designers to ensure that furniture is compliant with our sustainability standards. 

Living Room Sofas

Your sofa is the beating heart of your living room. It’s a place of grounding — both literally and in an emotional sense. It’s a place for conversations, cuddling, and connection. 

The sofa you choose has a huge impact on how your space looks and feels. 

Perhaps you opt for crisp whites to create a soothing sense of visual serenity in your home. Our exclusive Alex Sofa is a classic shape yet modern design that marries quality, a sense of clean lines, and of course comfort. If white is not for you, it does come in neutral-feeling navy and taupe as well as a special order.

The handcrafted sustainable wood bench seat and durable, 100% cotton eco-performance fabric ensure that this sofa is built to last. Foam core cushions enveloped in feather down casing make way for relaxation and comfort for years to come. 

If you’re on the lookout for something to suit smaller spaces, our Hannah Apartment Sofa is an elegant yet compact selection. It features a clean cleans and modern design, built with high quality materials like feather and down to ensure your ongoing comfort.

There’s plenty to choose from in our collections. Whether you’re looking for a practical daybed pullout or a comfy, lounge-worthy setup, abc carpet & home has an ever-rotating selection of beautiful sofa selections to suit your style and your space. 

Additionally, we have an incredible color assortment, and many custom / special order colors available. If you’re interested in a custom color, we can send complimentary swatches ahead of your purchase, to ensure the color works well in your space.  

Browse our full selection of sofas here

Living room sectionals

Just as every space is unique, every lifestyle is unique. Sectional sofas allow you to configure your own cozy nest for lounging, sitting, and entertaining.

Comfort and style come together with our exclusive Delancey Sectional, which features deep seating and comfortable cushions, embodying the relaxed comforts of home.

A floating base creates a sense of visual lightness, but with a handcrafted sustainable wood frame and durable performance fabric, this beautiful sofa is built to last.

Browse our full selection of sectionals here.

Living room tables 

Projects and hobbies are often carried out or pursued in the living room — making surfaces like coffee tables, side tables, and consoles a necessity. 

For instance, a simple, clean minimalist selection like our Stump Coffee Table is sturdy enough for family puzzles yet elegant enough for entertaining. 

Media is often the central focus in the living room — but that doesn’t mean the room needs to be cluttered with media accessories. Our Viento Media Cabinet offers a beautiful storage solution. This stunning cabinet, which is handcrafted from Guanacaste wood sustainably sourced from naturally felled trees in Mexico, lets you stow those unsightly DVDs and consoles without compromising beauty or style.

Sometimes you just need an extra surface — our Core Light Oak Nesting Tables (also available in Dark Oak) are the perfect place for placing books or just making extra room for glasses when entertaining. An abc exclusive, these elegant tables are handcrafted from seared oak and feature lighter-colored butterfly joints for a handcrafted finish.


Ottomans are the workhorse of the living room. Is it seating? A table surface? A foot rest? The answer is yes. But it doesn’t have to be unsightly, it’s all about keeping your personal style — and what need you might have at any given moment.

For instance, the Martha’s Vineyard Ottoman, featuring a sustainable Goodwood frame and a crisp cotton slipcover and plant-based stuffing, is a simple and clean place to put up your feet or use as seating — and it comes with a clever storage space hidden beneath the top cushion.

For something a little funkier, consider our Geo Ottoman. It’s as versatile as it is fun, and with five custom colors available, you can choose an option that brings a little levity to your living room.

Check out our ottomans here. 

Give Love to the Heart of Your Home

It’s safe to say that a lot of life unfolds in the living room.

Your living room is the heart of your home. How does it tell your story? 

Whether you choose to surround yourself with modern living room furniture, vintage living room furniture, or a mix that’s unique to you, abc carpet & home has plenty of beautiful pieces to help you create a space that nurtures the heart of your home.