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Home. The word conjures up emotions full of warmth and significance. We are inextricably connected to our homes, rooted by the home within us, sheltered by the houses we live in, and nourished by the planet we live on. The sacredness of home has been at the heart of our work from the beginning – since 2003, we have taken an ethical and sustainable approach to sourcing products in order to respect the well-being of our communities and the Earth. 

This year, we’re renewing our commitment to sustainability by updating our core values of artistry, evolution, and well-being. To illustrate our approach to responsible sourcing and earth kind practices, we’re thrilled to introduce our new icon system, a series of “Product Icons” organized under broader “Super Icons" that share our unique approach.  

Meet the super icons.


Every handmade object holds a story. We seek to lessen our impact on the planet by foregoing mass consumption for enduring, well-crafted possessions that add meaning to our own stories. Choosing handmade goods not only deepens our relationships with the objects around us, but also connects us to a vibrant network of artisans and makers across the world. Our handcrafted items are made by hand locally, or by local artisans globally, celebrating uniqueness from product to product, tradition to tradition, and artisan to artisan. Read more about Handcrafted here. 


Instead of relying solely on virgin materials, we seek to breathe new life into high-quality deadstock or vintage and antique objects. Reimagined items are old ones made anew, items reworked from recycled materials, as well as vintage and antique pieces seeking a new home. Rather than viewing objects and materials as inherently disposable, we see the limitless possibilities for metamorphosis and new lives. Read more about Reimagined here.

Lighter Footprint

With each object we bring into abc, we strive to tread lightly on the planet, from the production of our products to their impact once they are no longer in use. Lighter Footprint products are made with processes, materials, and ingredients that reduce environmental impact when compared to traditional manufacturing processes. We avoid toxic chemicals, embrace eco-conscious methods, seek natural materials, and build relationships with local makers. Read more about Lighter Footprint here. 

Fair & Square

The beauty of our homes should never come at the cost of the well-being of any sentient creature. Fair & Square products ensure all humans and animals involved in the production of our products are treated humanely and with respect. We uphold fair wages and safe working conditions, providing equitable opportunities, training, and job development, and work alongside third party partners like Label STEP to ensure fair labor conditions abroad. Read more about Fair & Square here.

We hope that our series of icons can educate, inspire, and drive progress towards true sustainability, reflected in the spaces we create across the globe. As the landscape continually changes around us, we feel a responsibility to evolve in tandem. We embrace change. After all, it’s the first step to creating a better world.