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It takes courage to pursue the things you love. It is with this courage that, five years ago, Stephanie Pinerio decided to pursue textile design. Leaving behind a successful career in advertising, she enrolled in an accelerated program at FIT in Manhattan. “It was there,” she explains, “that I discovered and fell in love with weaving.”

Today, she heads Shed Textile Company, based in Southold, NY on the North Fork of Long Island. We met Stephanie through Field + Supply, a collective of local artisans we've been hosting this year. Her designs are created by hand from start to finish, beginning with thoughtful fiber selection and hand warping, and ending with hand-weaving on a traditional floor loom.

Fueled by her passion for the fiber itself, Stephanie sources from local farmers, spinners, shearers, and dyers: “I absolutely love beautiful fiber. Most of my inspiration comes from the fibers themselves. I spend a lot of time discovering unique fiber sources — from farmers, spinners, shearers, dyers, makers, tradesmen and the countless regional fiber festivals that dot the countryside every year. My collections stem from this love and I try to have my pieces reflect the unique beauty of each fiber — naturally and simplistically.”

From charmingly nubby pillows to gloriously cozy throws, each piece by Shed Textile possesses a depth of character that’s rooted in the meticulous handmade process. Intricate patterns and rich textures recall the beach stones and wheat fields found in Shed Textile’s coastal surroundings. Says Stephanie, “Hand-weaving is one of the oldest trades in existence. There is a very special connection to a handwoven piece which occurs when you take a natural fiber and turn it into a functioning garment, one thread at a time. It is both visceral and tactical.” True to her words, when you hold one of Shed Textile’s pieces in your fingers, you can almost feel the hands of its maker, threading back and forth in a steady rhythm, like a heartbeat.