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As you enter a room it’s natural to look up and take notice of the light coming from above. Ceiling lights do more than illuminate; they create an atmosphere and can completely change the essence of a space. Want more drama (the good kind)? A well-designed chandelier can do just that. Looking for something a little more subtle, charming, or alluring? A simple pendant light is an excellent choice. To help inspire new light into your space, we’ve curated our favorite decorative ceiling lights that are truly museum-worthy.   

Does your room need a ceiling light?

If you seek to transform or add balance to a room, then a ceiling light may be the piece to bring into your home. By fusing together different types of lighting, from the functional to the beautiful, you can achieve the specific look you desire and enhance the experience within each room.

One of the strongest design reasons for adding a new ceiling light is that it can help make a small room appear larger. We love using light to expand your sense of space and allow you to feel invited into an area. When it comes to space, good light really can make less feel like more. 

How to Choose the Right Ceiling Light

Whether you want to brighten up a living room or add some functional light into an office space, it’s important to select the proper ceiling light to fit your unique needs and tastes. The light you add can complement the balance of the other lighting and furniture in the room. 

Along with balancing a room’s aesthetic, functionality is also an important aspect to consider when selecting the perfect light. From the ambient to accent, a well-placed decorative ceiling light can open up and increase the utility of a space. The key is to choose lighting that flows with the room’s layout and its overall style.

For those with a passion for interior design, a popular pick to create contemporary intrigue in a bland space is a decorative ceiling light by the designer Flos. For more than 50 years, Flos has been illuminating rooms with their elegant and finely crafted lights. We ourselves have adopted their attitude about light because it’s brilliant. They say light “makes sense of the past, it brightens our present, and it lends brilliance to the future.” 

It’s a beautiful thought that resonates on such a deep level. It’s with this sentiment that we present this curated list of museum-worthy chandeliers and pendant lights.

Chandelier Inspiration

There’s something magical and elegant about chandeliers. See one at night alight and it sparks the sudden urge to toast chilled champagne with good kin (or is that just us?). A chandelier speaks with grandeur and embellishment. With their elongated nature, chandeliers help fill space that may feel empty and incomplete. They’re meant to inspire one to take a moment to look up with a slight sense of awe. It’s wondrous. 

If your mind pines to find the answer to the Theory of Everything, then the Stellar80 Chandelier, inspired by String Theory, might spark some illuminating conversations about the possibilities of the universe. This would be a great entryway ceiling light. 

For The Great Gatsby lovers, the Bruges Vintage Crystal Chandelier made in Belgium circa 1930 is a dazzling choice. Handcrafted with six candlestick-style sockets, this vintage ceiling light is one of a kind. 

If nature’s beauty captivates and inspires you, the Basalt Nine pendant might emit the light you seek. This pendant light-chandelier hybrid makes a statement with its exposed lost-wax finish and nine irregular hexagonal brass pendants. Crafted with dimmable LED technology, it’s sure to create a multitude of lighting moments within the space. 

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Pendant Lighting Inspiration

Unlike a chandelier, a pendant light is a hanging ceiling light that typically has a single light fixture with a single bulb. Pendant lights can be hung alone or strung together as a cluster or in straight lines to create a dramatic effect. A mixture of materials from metal to rock are used to create them, and they take on a variety of shapes. 

One of the design world’s favorites from Flos. For a simple yet striking design that casts a wonderful glow, the Flos IC Lights S1 Pendant is a perfect choice for someone who wants a modern ceiling light. It’s calming hue of dimmable diffused light transforms an area into a sanctuary at any time of day. This pendant features a bent line of steel from which a blown-glass opaline orb appears to delicately float — it would be an excellent ceiling light for the kitchen, dining room, or living room.

Another well-crafted pendant light from Flos we adore is the S1 Glo Ball Pendant. It appears to hang in an air of mystique as it illuminates a sense of intrigue and imagination. This contemporary piece works well in places looking for soft, diffused light — it’s the perfect ceiling light for a bedroom.

For fans of divine geometry, the Etch Web Pendant Brass makes a wonderful addition to your home. Its brass metal sheet sides are razor thin and digitally-etched, which make for a curiosity-inducing array of shadows when lit.  

If you desire a pendant lamp that changes from day to night, the Globe Led Pendant is an excellent choice. Mid-morning to early-evening, this minimalist pendant lamp becomes a luminous sphere, and when the moon is out, it transforms into a stunning multitude of reflections within its simple glowing form.

Minimalists will be drawn to this slim yet engaging pendant light, the LED Circle Pendant. It’s a modern ceiling light that is two feet in diameter and captures the eye in a subtle way. The slim rim is studded with tiny hidden LED lights to cast an impactful glow. 

This liminal, luminous piece exists within the in-between. Playing with opacity and translucency, the PostKrisi pendant is a work of art. Hidden inside eco-conscious halogen lights emits a pure sense of light. We love its hand-painted fiberglass shell that mimics natural forms, like a delicate eggshell or even a celestial body, making it a beautiful ceiling light for the living room.

Inspired by Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi, the Mala pendant lights use geometric shapes and feature them in solid metal shades to create a striking aesthetic. Hang alone or cluster them to make a bolder statement. If you admire traditional artisans who pride themselves on their metalwork like we do, then you will love hanging these lights in your home.

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