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We believe that true beauty isn’t about the way you look, it’s about the way you feel. 

With this in mind, the products you use in your daily routine have an effect on your well-being that goes deeper than your appearance. 

Are your beauty products doing more harm than good?

Harsh synthetics and chemicals found in common face and body products can be harmful to the planet, and are known to wreak havoc within the body. Did you know that the EU bans more than 1,300 ingredients from their personal products, while the US bans only 11? These banned ingredients have been linked to illness and health concerns.

In contrast, our curation of clean beauty products adheres to stringent standards, with ingredients sourced from nature and wrapped in environmentally-conscious packaging. What’s more, the potent botanicals featured in clean beauty products are known to be highly effective, often delivering results that are on par or better than their mainstream equivalents. Instead of “why switch to green beauty?” the question becomes: "why not?"

How to revamp your skincare and beauty regimen:

Revamping your routine can be daunting, but you don’t have to overhaul everything all at once. Rather, make small and intentional steps towards a new routine by switching out the products you most frequently use for clean alternatives. This way, you can find the natural products that really work for you.

To help you make the switch to clean beauty, here are 4 clean beauty products you can easily swap into your current routine to cultivate vibrant well-being from the inside out.

Swap face and body lotions with oils. 

Many lotions and moisturizers comprise mostly water, and require a fair amount of preservatives to keep potentially harmful bacteria at bay. Pure oils, on the other hand, are a naturally “cleaner” product as they don’t require preservatives. 

Natural facial and body oils, when combined with water or toner, hydrate your skin by employing botanical ingredients linked with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Comprising plant-based oils alone, these formulas can strengthen the elasticity of your skin by sealing in moisture, softening the surface and warding off signs of aging. Often, people who switch to moisturizing with natural oils find that their skin glows from within, becoming softer, more supple, and less prone to breakouts. 

abc Tip: Did you know that using face or body oils without moisture can actually dry out your skin? Be sure to use body oils while your skin is still wet from the shower, or to spritz your face with a hydrosol or toner before applying the face oil. This way, it captures the moisture.

Update your lipcolor wardrobe. 

If you’re aiming to clean up your beauty routine, you might as well begin with the mouth. After all, anything applied to the lips will inevitably be swallowed, making its way into your body. Knowing this, it’s best to make sure your lipstick is made with safe ingredients. 

Clean beauty lipsticks feature non-toxic ingredients such as botanical oils for moisture and shine, beeswax for staying power, and color derived from plant or earth pigments. 

abc Tip: Natural lip color can be used as all-purpose color. Try applying to the apples of your cheeks for an easy, moisturizing pop of brightness.


Invest in radiance-boosting serums.

Among skin care enthusiasts, applying serum is regarded as a crucial step for keeping your skin radiant. However, mainstream serums employ a myriad of skin-sensitizing, potentially harmful ingredients which are absorbed via the skin into the body. 

Natural serums are a better-for-you, effective alternative to mainstream serums. Rather than using synthetic chemicals that deeply penetrate the skin, natural serums deliver a high concentration of active ingredients derived from plants. These potent botanicals work together to help brighten, repair, and firm your skin without any undesirable ingredients.

abc Tip: When it comes to serums, a little goes a long way. When used correctly, a single bottle of serum can last months! Apply a few drops on the palms of your hands, gently glide across your face, pat in the excess, and you’re good to go.

Give essential oils and botanical fragrances a try. 

Natural perfumes derive their fragrances from botanical extracts and essential oils. Often produced on a smaller scale, greater care and refinement is given to each formula, resulting in beautiful, evocative scents.

abc Tip: Scent is known to affect mood. Try using essential oils as perfume — choose a blend designed to have a specific effect or create your own bespoke blend for incredible aromatherapeutic benefits.