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There are infinite ways to hand weave a one-of-a-kind carpet. With hundreds of design, fibers, dyes, & weaving techniques, the process of rug creation is meticulous and collaborative, revealing within each step the remarkable ability of the human hand to communicate in texture & color. 

abc carries the most expansive and diverse selection of handmade carpets in the world. With a hundred years of experience under our belt, we've learned the art of how to pair each and every person with the carpet of their dreams. Examining all of the variations take years to learn, which is why we have in-house rug experts, but a little behind-the-scenes knowledge opens up a world of opportunity! So, let's take a spin around the world and piece together the elements of three essential abc styles: Swedish Style Flatweaves, Vintage Khotans, and Moroccan Rugs.


Swedish Style Flatweaves

At the core of Scandinavian design is a philosophy that places craftwork in the realm of art. Born out of the Bauhaus movement of the 1920s, mid century modern Swedish-style rugs are famed for illustrating the design power of geometric patterns. Outlined most articulately by one of the Bauhaus school founders, Walter Gropius: [the tradition] "organically creates objects according to their own inherent laws, without any embellishment or romantic flourishes." While authentic Swedish vintage rugs are quite hard to come by, we inspired a new production handwoven by individual artisans in the original style of Swedish Flatweaves tailor-made to fit an array of spaces.

Our collection of Swedish Style flatweaves are versatile, casual, and striking — a sure bet that will elevate bright, minimalist and modern interiors. They are composed using a variety of materials, often weaving wool — an inherently strong and glossy fiber — with silk, cotton, or cellulose silk to create an interplay of texture and multi-dimensional intrigue that lends itself to the geometric world of Scandanavian style. The coastal tonalities of sky blue, sage, and ivory soothe the palettes and like all flatweaves, there are no knots in the foundation — a quality that makes these rugs lighter than hand-knotted rugs. Whether the flatweave hangs on the wall or lays on the floor, our Swedish Style Flatweaves will imbue your space, bedside or beachside, with a minimalist and clever spirit.


Moroccan Rugs

abc carries a myriad of Moroccan rugs in our inventory, displaying a range of styles from the minimalist Beni Ourains and the authentic modern Casablancas to the dynamic spin-offs woven by the renowned Baluch weavers of Afghanistan. But, the thread that runs throughout all of abc's Moroccan rugs remains the same... fearless colorways and wild spontaneity — making these one-of-a-kind masterpieces a bohemian delight.

The Moroccan weaving tradition is renowned for its wild weaving ways. Moroccan artisans of the Beni Ourain tribes in the Atlas Mountains compose without a design graph, performing high levels of craftwork by respecting every knot as an essential piece of a greater, magnificent whole. Earthy sophisticated shades of cedar and crimson delight the palette, as the stories of the nomadic lives of the weavers are executed in tactile form with simple yet compelling geometric motifs.

Still weaving to this day, abc helps to uplift their weaving heritage by cultivating a stunning series of vintage mid century Moroccans and the modern Casablancas. The wild child of abc carpets, our Moroccan rugs are a match made in heaven for those who are tapped into the intelligence of color and the bold spirit of the minimalist design.


Vintage Khotan Rugs

Every vintage Khotan has a story. Handwoven in the former trading oasis of Khotan (modern-day Hotan), situated at the western end of the Taklamakan Desert, these vintage Khotan heirlooms are precious in their mystique. Ranging from the late 19th to the early 20th century, each of these hand-knotted wool rugs blends motifs, colorways, and designs sourced from the traveling merchants — both on land and sea — who traded exotic materials and spices. 

The result is an extraordinary cross-pollination of influences that draw from Chinese colorways and field patterns of Persian, Central Asian Turkic, or even Mughal Indian traditions. An offering of wisdom on prosperity and growth, the vintage Khotans employ naturalistic motifs like birds of passage, ceramic vases, pomegranates, and 'gul' (Farsi for flower) to speak greater truths — giving each piece a decorative power to double as a wall hanging. The beauty of living with these rugs is the unearthed gems of wisdom woven within each knot. Truly historical objects of beauty, Khotans are an impressive centerpiece rug for lovers of history, who believe, truly, that variety is the spice of life.

A portal into heritage

Handmade rugs mirror the depth of the vast cultural enterprise that is humankind. Like people, rugs have personality. Not because of some animated theory of matter, but because they were made with care and intention by real people. A carpet is a dose of heritage, whether you dive deep into the history of carpet design with a Khotan, explore the Bauhaus philosophies, or kick back and allow the bold pigments of the Moroccans wash over you.