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Beloved New York City jeweler Sarah Macfadden shares her inspirations, journey to becoming a jeweler, and creative process.
It takes courage to pursue what you love. Five years ago, Stephanie Pinerio left a successful career in advertising to pursue textile design.
After more than 100 years of sourcing rugs, our library of extra-large sizes is the most extensive in the world. These are our favorites.
Ceiling lights do more than illuminate; they create an atmosphere and can completely change the essence of a space.
Learn about our responsible sourcing and the new-and-improved iconography system that shares a piece of each product's story.
How Eskayel founder Shanan Campanaro gets inspiration from and protects the earth she loves.
We take a spin around the world and visit three essential abc styles: Swedish Style Flatweaves, Vintage Khotans, and Moroccan Rugs.
Our jewelry buyer shares her secrets when it comes to finding the perfect gift, including her top picks from our designers.
Our only rug collection that isn't one of a kind, and that's on purpose. Shop in multiples or shop by size.
The home you create should be a reflection of who you are, and who you want to be. Here, a few ideas for expressing your visions.
Choosing a rug is personal and sometimes emotional decision. We guide you through all of the important things to consider.
Myth: Natural products aren't as effective. Truth: botanicals are pretty powerful, too! Here, our top tips for making the switch.
Bedrooms are so personal. We share our furnishing philosophy, including some of our favorite bedroom pieces.
Our newest rug collection distills our sustainability-forward ethos into a stunning line of upcycled rugs.
Overwhelmed by the sofa choices? Narrow down your options with our expert design tips.
Discover the world of difference in comfort and sleep quality that an organic mattress makes.
Want to make your space feel more uniquely like you? Custom is the way to go.
Our expert tips on navigating the rich, expansive world of vintage + antique rugs.
Discover the impact that organic and non-toxic bedding will make on your quality of sleep.
A bright, seasonal cocktail recipe from our restaurants that's sure to refresh.
Express yourself through the texture + color stories of layered rugs.
We spoke with Jan about her love of hand making, her beginnings in ceramics, and the motto that defines her work to this day.